About us

The Wine Center is our lifelong dream come true. We had always wanted to create a place where we would share our passion for wine and food, and so The Wine Center was born in February 2021.

“Wine is our passion,
it’s part of our DNA”

From the moment you set foot in The Wine Center, we want you to feel at home and enjoy every second of your visit to our exquisite wine bar in Antwerp. Whether you want to have a glass of excellent wine, learn something new during our wine tastings and or have a full-on dinner, we will make it happen.


About The Sommelier: meet Sanaz

‘Hi there, I’m Sanaz and I might just be the most passionate and forward-thinking sommelier you’ll ever meet! I think I’ve always been obsessed with vineyards, wine and wine-making techniques. I feel like wine gave me a purpose in life and it is probably the thing I’m best at.

I really started to explore this field back in 2014, when I decided to study wine and pursue it professionally. In 2017 I attained the title of Sommelier Conseil after graduating from Université Du Vin in Suze-la-Rousse, France. I’m a very curious person by nature, so I’ve never stopped educating myself. Currently I’m studying for the WSET level 4 diploma.

I try to step out of my comfort zone. That is why I’ve moved away from the ‘traditional’ approach to discover lesser-known regions. That is how I became the exclusive importer of New York wines. The world of wine is infinite, and I’ll gladly admit that I adore getting lost in it.’

“To me, wine is way more than just a drink, it brings people and their ideas together.”

‘I want The Wine Center to be a place where people from all over the world can meet. From scientists to economists, wine lovers, students, philosophers and travelers… everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear them all.’


About The Chef:
meet Saman

‘Hi, I’m Saman and I’m the chef at The Wine Center. I grew up in a culture where food brings people together. Being a chef is therefore not just a job, it’s my passion.

Experimenting with new ingredients, exploring new flavours and techniques… That’s what I live for.’

“I want people to get excited and surprised when they try my food. Every bite should be an experience in itself.”

‘Our entire menu is created with a specific purpose in mind. Everything is connected, and the food and wines are paired in such a way that they awaken all your senses.’